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Getting Around in Costa del Sol

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Let’s face it…, traveling for holidays can sometimes be a pain. This is why the tourism community has made getting around in Costa del Sol easier than ever. Visitors from nearby locations may decide to drive their own vehicles, but most visitors tend to fly into the area. Luckily there are numerous rental car agencies [...]

Tourist Attractions in Costa del Sol

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There are plenty of attractions for you and your family to enjoy on your Costa del Sol holidays. There are literally hundreds of tourist attractions in Costa del Sol. From museums to nightclubs, there is something for everyone. Here are just a few of the options the exciting Costa del Sol has to offer! The [...]

Shopping in Costa del Sol

Looking to do a bit of shopping in Costa del Sol? Shoppers will notice that each town has its own unique vibe. The smaller towns are home to colorful streets markets, whereas commercial shopping centers have burgeoned throughout the larger cities. There are countless places to find that perfect holiday souvenir! Nearly ever town has [...]

An Overview of Costa del Sol

For more than fifty years, Costa del Sol has been a tourism destination of world renown. Its lush history dates back centuries, and the region now offers many things for tourists and residents alike. An overview of Costa del Sol will reveal a some wonderful things about this holiday destination, and will set it apart [...]