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Popular Tourist Activities in Costa del Sol

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The region of Spain known as the Costa del Sol, or ‘Coast of the Sun’, is aptly named. Locals enjoy abundant sunshine year-round. The exceptionally pleasant weather has become the backdrop for many interesting and fun events. Some of the most popular activities in Costa del Sol include horseback riding, gastronomic festivals, bullfights, golfing, spelunking, and a variety of water-sports.

Certain hotels in the region have chosen to accentuate their beautiful geographical surroundings by offering free horseback rides to their guests. Hotel patrons are encouraged to experience the verdant forests and mountain passes, while learning to trust the horses. The local pastime of horseback riding thus continues to thrive, much to the appreciation of locals and visitors alike. The relaxing, fresh mountain air is enough to make many guests book a few extra days!

Food connoisseurs will delight in the yearly gastronomical festivals. They are so popular that they take place nearly every month out of the year. They provide a wonderful opportunity for people on holiday to sample the local cuisine. Typically, the food is either heavily discounted or completely free. These festivals of the palette help sustain interest in the local restaurants and dishes.

The traditional pastime of bullfighting is alive and thriving within the Costa del Sol. Anyone visiting Spain, especially Málaga, should not miss this event. Watching a bullfight is like stepping back in time; the event has remained loyal to historical tradition in nearly all respects. The only difference is that modern bullfighters do not ride on horseback for the entire show. Generally, only the first ’round’ involves the bullfighter on horseback.

Spelunking, or caving, has become wildly popular within the region. Finding a great cave system is as easy as inquiring at a local information centre. Water sports have become prevalent in response to the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Out of all of the popular activities in Costa del Sol, however, golfing takes the gold. Due to the amazing weather, golfing is available year-round at many resorts. From spelunking, to bullfighting, to golf, there is never a dull moment in the Costa del Sol region of Spain!

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